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  • The goal is to dream up new Gibberish words to go into Bitsi’s next novel.
  • The BITS Inspector will indisputably hold the copyright of all entries made.
  • The BITS Inspector has the right to change any entry as he requires to fit in with the content of the story.
  • No details of any competition entrants will be published or shared – except those of the top 10 winners: see the Top 10 Winners section in the Prizes section below.
  • If there are any duplicate/similar entries – The BITS Inspector has the right to choose which entry is a winner.
  • Maximum 2 entries per person.
  • There will be only one winning entry per person entering the competition.
  • Profanity/abusive/offensive language will not be accepted – but the entry will still count as 1 of the maximum 2 entries – thus reducing your chances of winning, and possibly resulting in your being removed from the contest.
  • Whilst it is not expected at this time, these rules may be refined – and this refinement can, if needed, be applied retrospectively. Existing entrants do not have the right to complain about/contest any changes.
  • This competition may be cancelled at any time – but if this occurs, existing entries will not be used in any BITS Inspector novels.
  • The BITS Inspector reserves the right to contact candidate winners by email – to discuss their entry. If you are unable to respond to The BITS Inspector, this may result in your entry being removed from the list of candidate winners


  • Top 20 Winners
    • A Free copy of Bitsi’s next book!
  • Top 10 Winners
    • A Free copy of Bitsi’s next book!
    • Your Gibberish entry used in Bitsi’s next story
    • Your name written into the credits of the next book!

Your key to the new Gibberish words for Bitsi’s next story!

Your entries should be related (in any way you can think of) to the below keywords. You will need to use your imagination because it is not a long list of words. You may combine your word or term with any of the words in The ABRIGD.
Reading The ABRIGD and A Bisi Day! will help you shape your words into a winning entry!

The title of the next book is: BITS of

The keywords to guide you in creating your entries are:

family, frog, hidden, abuse, Bitsi-Lite, death, bumblebee, truth-drug, prostitution, future, boy, Bitsi-INVISI, torture, crocodile, abduction, big money, snow tunnel, distress, country border(s), innocence, underground, adoption, disgrace, camouflage, metro, power, disappointment, women, prison




Good luck!

Contribute Your Gibberish Entry

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The BITS Inspector® is a UK registered trademark