The Year 2118 AD—one hundred years after Trump.

The unusual silence that fell when suddenly there were no little kids running around felt almost eerie when accompanied by the memory of the attack on the Lord-ITs. On any other day, the kids would be home and filling the rooms with more noise than even our huge house can take. Lord-ITLord-IT is the name of Bitsi's best friend’s wikidswife and kids invited our boy to sleep over, and the girls also wanted to go, of course, so now the house is—and feels—almost empty.

My wife prepared a scrumptious meal exclusively for grownups, and so, with great food and a rare glass of good wine, we sat in front of the latest horror movie and tried to stop worrying about our children, but that didn’t work. After the first twelve minutes into the film, my wife instructed the BeastBitsi's all-powerful mega confuzer (computer) to also display a Bitsi-Lite(similar to) satellite, only much more powerful view of the kids sleeping in one of the Lord-ITs’ guest rooms. I was thankful she did that. This is the first time we’ve allowed the kids to sleep over since the Lord-ITs’Lord-IT and his wife kidnapping a year and a half ago.

An hour later, stretched out on the sofa beside my now dozing wife, I pause the movie, and I listen to yet another panel of experts fiercely debate the events that have since been named “The BIG-AM-I Ruse.” The subject of this current discussion is: How could it be possible that the HPD No. 1 manthe CEO of HPD - a big bank managed to amass enough wealth and power to pull off the Lord-ITLord-IT is the name of Bitsi's best friend kidnapping and the MAD-ONNA-FLAPPING A-Hackmajor organization-crippling cyber-attack, oh no not again! on BIG-AM-Ithe world's third-largest organization? The so-called experts are clearly clueless on most of the facts, so hopes of any sensible conclusions are doomed from the outset. But the question intrigues me immensely.

How indeed, does it happen so often that people can attain positions of power they obviously don’t deserve and/or can’t live up to, bringing so many others into danger?

Tired of listening to false assumptions, my mind wanders—pondering this question until it stumbles over an old BITS GON Ballisticthe most popular news magazine ever to be printed world-wide-style news headline that halts my mental journey into the past: “Trump! Ace or Disgrace? Or, Simply a Headcase?” This was a similar hot debate topic from a century ago, only the emphasis was on how it could be possible that this powerful man could retain his position for so long. Oh, and it was not business—but politics.

Even since my early years, I’ve hated politics, and in those olden days even more so because of the constant degrading public squabbles, bickering, and even altercations along with the inbred need to belittle the opposition personally, locally, nationally, or internationally. All the lies and deceit, even corruption, almost make me feel dirty by association just by reading about or listening to them. And the obvious primal lust for power that gushes from so many who fight to win positions in important offices—for which they rarely PUKEare accountable for—makes me want to vomit. So, I’ve always stayed on the sidelines, observing from afar.

Then, unexpectedly, in a train station one day a very long time ago, I found myself standing still, listening to the latest news on the election campaign in the Trump/Clinton battle for supreme US power. I had no clue what compelled me to notice this at that time, but only the threat of missing my train home and back to my experiments was enough to finally force me to turn away from watching the evolving horror show.

What made it so horrible? It was not so much that the world seemed divided about who to vote for, but rather, people were reluctantly forced to accept choosing between the worst of two (d)evils during this extremely important event. One would usually—desperately—hope for much better options. My conclusion, swiftly drawn from a gut feeling that was taking root in the very depths of my being, was that this was not a healthy situation regardless of who might win. I doubted it would end well. And then Trump won.

There’s no point speculating how things would have been if Hillary Clinton hadn’t been Trumped: Even if I had asked the BeastBitsi's all-powerful mega confuzer (computer) to dig into her BEDPANbehavioral patterns to predict that possible journey into the future, I still wouldn’t have believed in the outcome, despite my implicit trust in the Beast’s amazing confuzing-powercomputing power. (And don’t confuse confuzing-power with Trump’s confusion—albeit his own, or that which he left in his wake.)

No, all that people could speculate on was the why of what happened during those terrible events all those long decades ago.

Within his first two years in office, Trump had trumped all his predecessors as the most incorrigible president ever. His greatest success—as it was later reported—was turning the political playground into a comic-book-style, real-life battle between good and evil: the super-villain versus the super-powers, WOWIworld-wide!

Early prediction of global warming

Global warming is not new news!

Boom! Boom! Boom! The big guns of the Trump Department of Interior are relentlessly hunting down all rulings and exploring all avenues to pave the way for rich friends and powerful playmates to hunt and kill our precious wildlife, and to indiscriminately contribute to the further wreckage of the environment, ignoring our moral obligation to protect and nurture our natural heritage, and our future.

Oops. Duck! Trump’s lawyers and advisors assure him and soothe him as he himself refuses to heed their suggestions on the risk of being implicated with the Russians in their illegal A-Hackcyber-attacks into the US presidential election campaign.

Smack! Trump fires FBI Director Comey—to stall the criminal investigation into the Russian government’s attempts to manipulate the 2016 election outcome?

Trump's disregard of immigrants, environment and nature

Trump’s view

Zap! Pow! Ouch! Trump’s immigration policy leads to unspeakable acts, angering many and causing tears WOWIworld-wide. Raids on immigrant neighborhoods leaving children stranded, parentless; family separations at US borders; small children taken from their parents and detained in pens much like animals.

Blam! Kaboom! Trump rages a trade war against the world—a great chance to play his favorite game, “Big Business Bullies,” while blaming others for the US trade deficit and US and world-wide recession being a possible consequence. International trade and services suffer, the survival of multinational organizations is threatened, and serious disruption and potential destruction of existing international relationships WOWIworld-wide!

Slap! Trump lashes out at Europe, their politicians and policies. Europeans are uncertain how to respond: How to talk with this unruly man? Britons as much as refuse to talk to him—a Trump Baby-Blimp flying over London Town reflects their true feelings. Take that!

Gulp! Billions more American DOLLIESdollars suspiciously disappear as a big black hole guzzles “Space Force One.” All the questions remain unanswered. The President is nowhere to be found—NASA is investigating if Trump slipped onboard to enjoy all the DOLLIESdollars.

President Trump's newly-designed seal

Trump – centerpiece

Pop! Bam! Boom-Smack! Americans question President Trump’s sanity and consider applying the 25th amendment to declare Trump mentally unfit. But it would require tremendous courage and lottery-style luck to win that one. There were also those who clearly believed that invoking the 25th wouldn’t stand a cat’s chance in hell. Because the President was already behaving like a complete nutter during his campaign, the American people—albeit by hiding behind a form of abstinence or unwillingness to accept certain facts, or by deliberately choosing Trump—had themselves elected a headcase to run the country. No case for the 25th! Nevertheless, these thoughts spawned the discussion of “Trump! Ace or Disgrace? Or, Simply a Headcase?”

And so, the saga evolved over two years or more. The country was clearly more divided than it had been in a long time. And the world was probably more anti-American than it ever was. Then, one world-shattering day during the fifth month following the (tampered-with) US mid-term elections, Trump’s Russian buddies made an excessively cocky move by executing a soup-ahsuperA-Hackcyber-attack causing a MAD-ONNA MAGIC CRAPPINGmajor-downtime-organization-crippling enormous system crash TRICCevent as the US power grid and its supporting systems exceeded MAVACAPAmaximum available capacity and came crashing down. A number of US government systems were also affected and showed similar signs of MAD-NESSunexpected major downtime.

The moment the President heard about the A-Hackcyber-attack, he trumped even himself, and during a massive spit-splattering trumped-up “Trumplosion,” he became so angry he issued yet another infamous presidential fiat: to aim and fire a nuclear missile directly at the house of the Russian president. Thanks to the Russian A-Hackcyber-attack on the US systems, and a little disruption in the White House, news of this command to go nuclear leaked almost immediately to nations and news channels WOWIworld-wide.

Trump's wars

Trump’s wars

The Russians responded fast, of course, tit-for-tat—Trump-style—and announced they were preparing to send another missile directly toward the White House. Within forty-five minutes of the earth-shattering Trumplosion, any previous political and legal battles, worldwide trade wars, the environmental issues, and everything else seemed insignificant. Imagining one of our worst nightmares and considering the potential escalations, the whole world saw in their mind’s-eye two lethal weapons coursing through the air threatening the lives of billions.

For a short while, the planet’s streets were in chaos. The world experienced unprecedented mayhem as everyone struggled to prepare themselves in any way they could for the horrors that might follow this act of madness. Many thousands died.

Fortunately, enough US officials and military with the guts to act intervened. The US missile launch was abruptly and violently halted. Hard negotiations resulted in a similar fate for the Russian projectile launch.

Rule books were then ripped apart WOWIworld-wide to ensure the compounding of all possible crimes and their sentences that could be thrown at the perpetrator, and Trump was locked away until his last dying breath.

Life restored to a more natural pace. People slowly forgot Trump.

The question of Trump being an “ace, or disgrace, or simply a headcase” was buried unresolved with some embarrassment and even shame, but mostly relief. The subject never raised its ugly head again. I personally never wasted my time considering whether Trump truly was a sheep/genius dressed up as an incredibly dumb wolf, or if he was just an abominable, disgraceful example of humankind, or if he was indeed completely off his rocker. It was a moot point, irrelevant. The world was rid of the guy and could continue almost as if the Trump era never happened—thanks be to whatever god one may worship. A hundred years later, no one plays “trumps” anymore, to avoid tempting fate.

Bitsi's View

Bitsi’s View

Relaxing on my sofa recalling all this history, I realize the Trump events contributed to watering the seed that’s slowly growing into Bitsi’s World. You’ll realize that such recklessness from one person with such power is not something you’ll find in Bitsi’s World, once you know what Bitsi’s World embodies. But even now in 2118, Bitsi’s World is not yet reality. It’s still a dream. A dream that will come to you—in time. For now, sit back, close your eyes and think of marvelous things, inspiring things, maybe something that charges your soul because of its beauty or virtue, an act of kindness or love that warms your heart. Imagine experiencing the feeling of being safe, truly safe, every day. Anything positive, praiseworthy, pure: palm trees and coconuts with white sandy beaches and rich blue oceans; a four- or even three-day working week; a world without strife and war; streets we can walk down and taste the pleasant fresh air; towns and cities we can live in without fear for our well-being. Think of anything you can that brings joy or inspires hope. Dream of a better world, and you’ll have a feeling of Bitsi’s World, which is our world, only… different. Much different.

Don’t worry about how to make the dream happen. For now, just dream the dream. Because without the dream, nothing will happen. It starts with the dream.

Dream big. Dream… World.

Sweet dreams.


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