Hi there!

I’m glad you could stop by. Take a seat and relax; I’ll bring some coffee.

I’ve thought a lot about you, about this moment, wondering what I should say to you when you came to visit: There’s so much to tell but not enough time to say it all.

I could start with my latest project—it’s been an amazing eye-opener! But don’t you just hate it when someone only wants to talk shop? Oh, let me at least tell you how it all began…

From the very beginning, since the first time I opened my newborn eyes only to look out on a foreign country, then to be whisked off to another, and yet another, my life has seemed like a never-ending whirlwind. Time after time drastic changes requiring massive adjustment have forced me to stay on my toes. It was as if my eyes never closed as they were constantly watching for the next shift in the storm. My eyes didn’t miss anything.

Fortunately, I’ve always had masses of energy, enough to match that of the whirlwind. On a good day, I could ride the top of the storm and look onto the world outside. And what an amazing sight! I fell so in love with the wonders of the world that I focused my energy on them, until one day I jumped! Out of the storm and into the world.

Music became my first love. It was a natural beginning to my newfound freedom, carried over from the music in the storm. But I also quickly developed a passion for many other joys of life. I could bury myself for weeks on end in any number of good books. Travel has always been a great part of my life, and so I developed a strong interest in other cultures and languages. I enjoy various kinds of sports, but I favor the skill of the racket and ball, and I thrive on the thrill of skiing.

My biggest love of all became nature, of all kinds but animals in particular—both domestic and wild. Throughout my life I’ve almost always had at least one pet, usually a dog or cat. But horses are my all-time favorite.

One fine day I jumped onto a horse, and it ran away with me! How do I make it stop? I screamed in my head as it pounded down the beach. No! I don’t want it to stop! So, I did what I was taught—put my heels down and held on with my legs, and for dear life. The horse ran even faster, and I yelled in excitement like a cavalier on his first charge. My love of the majestic horse has never left me.

There are many more things I enjoy that I haven’t described, and still so much more I could experience—and how much of that, sadly, I am going to miss out on: There simply is not enough time for everything.

All the while I experienced these new things, I hid from the storm, kidding myself it was over. But from time to time it would sneak up on me, or pounce on me as I unsuspectingly turned a corner. There was even a moment when it swallowed me whole again. But each time I got swept up, I remembered—sometimes eventually—that I knew how to ride and escape the storm. Sometimes I tripped, even fell, but I rode up and out each time.

Suddenly, on a bright and sunny day, I experienced the first best day of my life. A hand held my hand, a very special hand that changed my life. I looked directly at the storm with newfound strength, and the storm died a quick and painless death. Insurmountable joy filled my days, and every day since that bright, sunny day has been the best day of my life. And then even more new and amazing wonders were born into my world, and my life was enriched once again.

With that very special hand in my hand, and our newborns in my arm, I had a new purpose, new energy, new life. This is how it all began…


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